I’m an illustrator, writer, and comics artist from Wisconsin, now living in Chicago, IL. I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration. 

Praise for The White Snake

"Ben Nadler retells one of my favorite fairy tales … turning it into a fast-paced and irreverent graphic novel. The result is funny, engaging and an absolute delight. "
     -- New York Times Book Review

"Nadler updates a lesser-known Grimm’s tale with diverse characters, compassion for animals, and a feminist hero.  Nadler's crisp, neatly laid-out panel artwork is easy to follow, with moments of video-game-like adventure, and bites of magic food produce a hilariously trippy effect as pulsing rainbow halos appear around the eaters’ heads. In an afterword, comic artist Paul Karasik offers context for the modernized components, in particular “girl power,” and makes a case for the free retelling of traditional stories — a sign of more to come, perhaps." 
     -- Publishers Weekly

"Nadler makes this tale fresh, multiethnic, and accessible to younger children. His shrewdest update is the transformation of Princess Tilda from a prize-to-be-won supporting character into an adept and capable ruler who directly challenges her father's outdated belief that a woman is incapable of wielding power well."
     -- Kirkus Reviews 

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